U Picked A Winner

About a month ago we were thrilled to be nominated for Edible Long Island's U-Pick Awards: Favorite Summer Eats & Drinks. They received over 2,000 nominations.

We were even more thrilled to hear that Watermelon Session Ale was voted YOUR Favorite Fruit Flavored Beer! Thank you to everyone who drank a pink can this summer! 

"Montauk Brewing Company’s Watermelon Session Ale is so popular—and, frankly, beloved—that it completely sold out by August 18 (with more than a month of summer to go)! Its popularity was highly supported by your U-Pick Awards voting; with 50% of the vote in its category, Watermelon Session Ale was this year’s most decisive favorite." 

Check out ALL the winners here  

Published: September 26, 2017