Whalebone Magazine - Brewer Interviews Head Coach of Villanova Men's Basketball, Jay Wright

By Vaughan Cutillo

 "Sitting in the brewery office, my cell phone rings on the table. Two rings and I grab the call. The voice on the other end is familiar. I’d heard it years ago. To be specific, nine years ago in-person. Just a few months ago, though, I’d heard it again on TV.

"If you were watching TV on April 4, 2016, you probably noticed there was a college basketball game on, featuring two of the country’s top teams —  the University of North Carolina and Villanova University. The tall, dark-haired, suited and stoic Head Coach of Villanova led a team of men to their first National Championship win since 1985.

"I was honored, and lucky enough, to get Coach Jay Wright on the phone at 12:15 P.M., Wednesday, July 27th from the brewery office. When I hung up, I immediately understood how Coach was able to take 18-year-old kids and turn them into champions."

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Published: September 08, 2016
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