May 18—21, 2017- Montauk Music Festival

Get excited ... the Montauk Music Festival is back, and we will be hosting talented musicians all weekend long! Grab some friends, and join us at the brewery for tunes and delicious local beer.

Montauk Brewing Company Schedule

Friday, May 19th:

3:00PM - Sam Fredric & Taylor Clarke Bennett

4:00PM - Nicole Stella

5:00PM - Brendan O'Shea

6:00PM - 2/3 Goat

Saturday, May 20th:

4:00PM - Mikey Shyne

5:00PM - The Blues Buddha and Scott Staton

6:00PM - MOTU

Sunday, May 21st:

4:00PM - Walter Parks & Swamp Cabbage

5:00PM - Rodney Overturff & Sean Russell

6:00PM - Megan Leonardo 

Published: May 15, 2017
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