BeerAdvocate Magazine Rates Montauk Arrowhead Red Ale A 'Must Try'

Our Arrowhead Red Ale was reviewed in the June 2016 edition of BeerAdvocate magazine and earned a final score of "Very Good." Check it out:

Launched in December 2006, BeerAdvocate magazine is, "the only monthly publication that covers beer from every angle: culture, cuisine, homebrewing, history, science, business, travel and more." As a result, it's one of the most respected beer magazines available and is considered a must-read for all passionate beer drinkers.

Here's How BeerAdvocate Rates Beer: 
All samples are served at their ideal style temperature and poured into the appropriate, clean glassware. Ratings are composed of five attributes: Look (6%), Smell (24%), Taste (40%), Mouthfeel (10%), and Overall (20%). 
Final Scores:
Must Try
95-100 World-Class
90-94 Outstanding
85-89 Very Good
Try It
80-84 Good
70-79 Okay
60-69 Poor
<60 Awful

Published: June 13, 2016
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